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perfect bridesmaid

  You Deserve “The Perfect Bridesmaid!

La Petite Fleur Couture Bridal Salon offers

“The Perfect Bridesmaid Service”

Uniquely designed for your wedding!

Please call (772)334-1384

This service is for the discerning bride who would like a personal assistant to reduce stress and to attend all of her needs. From dressing to handling emergencies with 24 years experience and my "magic bag" of bridal necessities. I can handle any situation ensuring that your wedding is flawless! 

Begin by requesting our Perfect Bridesmaid Service and scheduling your wedding date with us at your earliest convenience.

In addition, if you would like your gowns pressed, make sure to schedule that for the week of your wedding as well. You may choose to bring your wedding gown and attendants dresses to La Petite Fleur Couture Bridal Salon to be pressed at our Salon. We offer a delivery option to the wedding location as well. We can also press & steam your gowns on location. Either option will eliminate one of your most painstaking and cumbersome responsibilities!  

 On your wedding day... 

  • Prior to my arrival, I am available to run last minute errands, such as picking up flowers, snacks, stockings, water, etc. Your wish is my command… 
  • I come prepared with an array of essential items, which I have found to be useful at many weddings. ie. safety pins, needle & thread (in your wedding colors), two-sided tape, bobby pins and curling irons and super glue which can save the day! 
  • I will always be ready to tend and dress the bride as my priority. Meanwhile, I will aid the bridal attendants with zippers, securing exposed lingerie, tying perfect bows, and so much more. I specialize in placing headpieces and veils and floral hair ornamentation.  
  • I assist in getting all of your flowers to the right attendants. I can pin the fragile boutonnieres for the men, to ensure a finished presentation. I make sure everyone is in their place and "picture perfect". I help to keep you cool and looking radiant before your grand entrance down the aisle. I can straightening your train discretely, as you begin to make your grand entrance.  I also take candid photos when appropriate.
  • I'm experienced in helping pose the bride & attendants for professional photographs, focusing on the most attractive positioning of you and your gown.
  • After the ceremony, I can help transport flowers and other personal items to your reception. Before you are presented at the reception, I will offer you a quick touch-up for hair and makeup. I will also bustle your train and remove your veil if necessary.  
  • La Petite Fleur Couture Bridal Salon offers the "Wedding Gown Preservation Co." service. We send your gown to be cleaned and preserved directly after your wedding.   

Perfect Bridesmaid Service: 

  First Hour  $350.00 

  Additional Hours  $150.00 

Wedding Gown Rate: 

  Steam Pressing $75.00 

  Hand Pressing  $150.00 

Attendant Rate per Gown: 

  Steam Pressing $25.00 

  Hand Pressing  $35.00 

Wedding Gown Preservation Co.  $225.00

Rates may vary according to individual gown details. 

Package rates are available!

Separate rates for travel outside of Martin County may apply. 

Please call (772)334-1384 for special requests and services not mentioned above.